Short Circuits is a collaborative digital arts project that creates a new way for people to share stories and pictures that will be collected and used in a free, people’s newspaper. There are a number of free to use access points around Blyth called ‘Shareboxes’. They look like Wi-Fi hotspots. We want you to connect to them and share new and old text, image and sound files that relate to the history and culture of Blyth. We want your unique perspective of people living in the Blyth area

The project is inspired by the idea of ‘desire paths’, these are the dirt tracks people create when they take the shortest, or easiest route on their journey. They appear over time when people exercising free will, ignoring the standard paths they are offered. They can also appear spontaneously when it snows and normal routes are covered, forcing people to create new tracks. They are an very interesting thing to think about when building a community based creative project as it makes you plan around the way people do things naturally instead of asking people to do things that mean they have to go out of their way to take part.