I would just like to clarify something that we’re noticing increasing with regards to the Foodbank, particularly other organisations who help and support the local community.

We cannot give out Food Parcels to people who just turn up. We have a simple and effective system in place that both gives Food Bank clients access to extra support if eligible and reduces the risk of the Foodbank being abused. All Food Parcels are catalogued and accounted for upon delivery to the Briardale and Escape, letting us know if something goes wrong with a package when it is claimed by a client (such as out of date food) or if it goes missing from a pick up point.

People turning up to the Foodbank without a referral and who cannot prove exceptional circumstances will not be served unless they go through the NETs Team (Clients are free to use or phone for this). We have a limited number of parcels we can stock each week.

Though it does take some time to get through on exceptionally busy days, the NETs Team can assure me that their phones do not cut people off unexpectedly. If you hear “All operators are currently busy.” stay on the line. I know this personally because we have to call this number if we have a query.

To get in touch with the NETs Team, call 0345 6006400 then choose option 2 then option 1.

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