Whats New in the Woodshed

The Briardale Woodshed has been working on overdrive in the past year, with a wide range of new products available to order today! Mud Kitchens, Outdoor Seating and the obligatory Bird Houses are all made to order from a mix of new and recycled wood.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Just in time for Christmas 2017, the Woodshed have produced these outstanding Wooden Christmas Trees which can be left in it’s natural wood state or painted in traditional Christmas colours.










These Trees come in various sizes and types, some with wooden shelving and others with small holes to allow for LED lights to be installed.

PRICES: Small: £15 – Medium: £20 – Large: £25

Fairy Houses

In addition to the Christmas Trees, this year we see the return of the immensely popular Fairy Houses, and needless to say, they’re moving up in the world! Larger than ever, these Fairy Houses are perfect for setting a festive scene in your garden as well as being able to spark you children’s imaginations through out the year!

Made from tree trunks with intricate detailed woodworking to provide a a happy home for the Fae at the bottom of your garden.

PRICES: Small: £35 – £45 – Medium: £50 – Large: £100 – £120+

Wooden Wreath Bases

Get crafty with your family with our Wooden Wreath Bases available in two sizes. Decorating these with your family will provide the perfect bonding session as well as potentially creating a festive family heirloom!

Made from branches taken from the trees in the centre grounds, these Wreath Bases are already proving popular.





PRICES: Small: £6 – Large £9

Over the next few week’s we’ll be adding every item ever made to the Online Shop for you to browse at leisure and get inspiration! If you’d like to make an order, Contact Us using the form to the right and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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