Successful Transformation

Restoring the Rose Garden

The beauty of nature in a estate has long been a traditional way to create a home of elegance, but an abandoned mansion will usually have a garden that has gone completely wild. If roses were a passion of the former owners, restoring the rose garden could be a wonderful project to bring the former glory of the estate back to life. It could seem like a venture through the wildest jungles in the world, but it is one worth the time and effort. Many of the plants could still be viable, but they will need care and cultivation to create a garden worthy of its former historical excellence.

Finding the Borders

Roses are like most other plants, and they will reproduce when left on their own. It might have been easy enough to contain them when a gardener was in charge, but years of neglect could show how well roses can spread. Finding the borders of the garden could be the first adventure in restoration, but it is a necessity if the garden is to be brought back to its original size and beauty. Plants that have grown outside the borders should be potted and kept as possible replacements for those that have died off. They can still make a contribution, and their vigour could help complete the job.

Time for Trimming

Finding the edges of the garden is the first step, and the next one should be locating the entrance and pathways. There are many rose gardens that were quite extensive, so there could be more than a few entrances. Locating these paths is important to help know where to cut when it is time for trimming. Cutting rose plants back does not hurt them, and it helps them grow once the warm season begins. The trimming could be a major effort, but it will be worthwhile once the plants begin to bloom.

New Paths

Many older gardens used field stones to denote the paths through the plants, but they may have become cracked or worn. Unsteady footing while walking through the garden could be extremely hazardous, so creating new paths is a good idea during the restoration phase. For those who want an artistic touch of their own, using dried aggregates or resin bound aggregates from Pennine Aggregates is a good solution. The paths will last for many years into the future, and the many colours available can be used to create colourful paths with mosaic designs. The designs can be enjoyed all year long by those unwilling to give up their daily walk through the garden when the plants are dormant.

Restoring a formerly abandoned mansion is a wonderful way to bring the past to life, and even the grounds can contribute to the feeling of harmony between the past and present. For those who find they have purchased a home with a rose garden, the warm weather will bring a bounty of beauty that can spill over into the house as they cut a few blooms for each room daily. Those who prefer to enjoy the outdoors can spend some pleasant afternoons enjoying the new pathways through their tamed plants as they take the time to commune with nature in their new back yard.